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IfSQ Level-3: Industry Best Practice

Cover of IfSQ Level-3 Standard

The IfSQ Level-3 Standard will collate an extensive and up-to-date set of defect indicators, including those from Level-1 and Level-2. These indicators will be encapsulated in a comprehensive check-list for code walkthroughs, used to perform an in-depth analysis of program source code.

Because the Level-3 Standard will represent current industry best practice, it will be updated regularly in order that it reflects any new research. Level-3 will therefore be made available on a subscription basis.

Compared to the first two levels, IfSQ Level-3 will be significantly more expensive and time-consuming to apply, since it requires a substantially higher degree of programming expertise, and also because it requires two people to perform the assessment, due to the extent of the checklist.

In the Level-3 Standard, we look for the following defect indicators: The IfSQ Level-3 Code Inspection Overlay

Please note that the Level-3 Standard is not yet complete. More categories and defect indicators may be added before it is published.